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office refurbishment

Top 5 warning signs that your office needs a refurbishment

Employees spend around 8 hours most days in the office and it’s not surprising that the environment becomes uninspiring overtime, especially if they’re surrounded by obvious wear and tear. For many employees, it’s likely that they’ve been inside the same four walls for years, and so, to keep them feeling motivated and valued within the company it’s important to maintain an inspiring and functional workspace. Small signs of wear and tear can become increasingly noticeable and will only worsen overtime. Multiple studies also show that leaving a refurbishment year on year is damaging to a businesses’ ethos and can significantly affect…

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standing desks

The benefits of standing desks at work

There’s a striking correlation between feeling lethargic and sitting down in the office for hours on end, so much so, many companies are revolutionising the way they operate in the office – with the use of standing desks. Standing desks are known to reduce the prominent post-lunch sluggish feeling, boost productivity, increase employees attention span and improve moods. For a little more information about the benefits of having standing desks at work, read on. Boosts activity levels – an experiment was posted in the British Medical Journal where 146 NHS workers changed their normal seated desks for sit-stand desks. This study…

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Maber Architectslogo

Maber – Case study

Here at Arc Business Interiors we’re currently carrying out a full turnkey package at the Silver Arcade in Leicester. We’re working closely with Maber, a design-led architectural practice and, together, we’re collaborating on a new, innovative design for the former shopping centre with plans to modernise and revitalise this grand, Victorian establishment. Our team are extremely passionate about what we can do for our clients which is why we’re excited to share the news regarding what this project entails. Our full turnkey package includes: ● Removals – arranging removals services to empty the building and to embellish it with brand new…

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breakout areas

Why does your business need social spaces?

Having social spaces within the office may not be high on your list of priorities but we’re here to explain the benefits of encouraging social interaction, frequent communication and little relaxation. Studies have shown how social spaces can positively impact employees and companies’ general output, so you just might want to read on, to make your business even more successful. Advanced technology taking over linear jobs Since technology has taken over, many linear jobs have been automated with self-serving tills, railway station ticket machines and factory robots replacing 90% of human workers. Thing is, machines end up being much cheaper labour…

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office kitchens

The importance of having a modern office kitchen

When you’re looking to improve the office it’s likely you’ll consider refreshing meeting rooms and the reception area, places where you know you’ll see results. With new meeting rooms inspiring employees and encouraging them to work harder, and a new, improved reception area that will impress clients – it’s easy to see the thought process. That said, research shows a well stocked kitchen area is important for workers to recharge, eat healthily and stay well hydrated. Improving your staff’s lunch hour with a bespoke kitchen will encourage them to stretch their legs, take a walk, refuel and engage in conversation. This…

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office privacy pods

6 reasons why your business needs office privacy pods

Privacy pods are revolutionising modern offices as we know it, providing workers with a stress-free environment away from their desks and the busy life of an open plan office. Privacy pods are great for a number of reasons, which we will unfold in this article, but it’s safe to say that they aid productivity and offer workers a chance to knuckle down – a place where any task can confidently be brought to completion. 1) Average office worker works 40 hours a week An office worker will spend a quarter of their life in the office and during this time, a…

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office refurbishments

How to use your office space efficiently

There’s no need to invest in a space that’s massive when you use your office space efficiently. With the use of careful office planning and bespoke furniture, you can have yourself a sophisticated and inspiring office layout. Take it from the experts and follow our tips on how to use your office space to its utmost potential. 1) Decide on an office refurbishment to increase office space Although an office refurbishment sounds expensive, it need not be – what’s more expensive is moving out of your offices because you haven’t utilised the space you do have properly. So think again. Desk…

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