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Office Design: The benefits of a suspended ceiling

suspending ceilings
Suspended ceilings originate from 14th century Japan, utilised for their simple finish and attractive aesthetics. The suspended ceiling was later adopted into the western world in 1596 and placed inside the Blackfriars Theatre, to better the building’s acoustics. Since, we have continued to implement suspended ceilings into countless buildings because they’re affordable, convenient, soundproof and stylish. Suspended ceilings are also referred to as ‘dropped ceilings’, as they are additional ceilings placed under a real, concrete ceiling. This helps method conceal lighting cables and offers the flexibility of being able to reposition lighting – should you wish to change up an interior.

The benefits of suspended ceilings:

1. Suspended ceilings are affordable

Rather than having to completely renovate your building’s interior – which can seem like a frivolous and expensive task – many people opt for suspended ceilings because they’re affordable and is a much less arduous solution. Suspended ceilings are fabricated from mineral fiber and in some cases, fiberglass, and are made into square tiles that are then placed onto a metal grid system to keep them in place.

2. Suspended ceilings are quick and easy to install

Once the metal grids have been put into place, the tiles are simply popped inside to create the suspended ceiling.

3. Suspended ceilings offer fire protection

Suspended ceilings are made to offer a level of fire resistance, to help support the structure of the building and slow down the rate of a roaring fire.

4. Suspended ceilings are insulating

Having mineral fiber or fiberglass as a ceiling helps to insulate the building, making for a more comfortable environment.

5. Suspended ceilings are soundproof

Suspended ceilings absorb sound and help to dampen noise coming from meeting rooms, phone calls and other floors in the same building.

6. Suspended ceilings come in a range of sizes and colours

There are a variety of things to choose from to ensure your suspended ceiling suits your buildings’ interior including choice of materials and colours. From checkered designs to bold colour palettes, or something simple and plain – there’s something to suit a range of needs.

Arc Business Interiors has a wealth of experience within the industry and can offer impartial advice to customers looking for exemplary interior design across Leicester, Nottingham, Derby, Birmingham, Manchester, and London. Whatever scale project you have in mind, speak with our friendly and dedicated team who will be able to take your dreams and turn them into a reality. For more information, call today the team on 0800 6122 107 and let’s make headway.

For more information, Call us on 0800 6122 107


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