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The importance of having a modern office kitchen

office kitchens
When you’re looking to improve the office it’s likely you’ll consider refreshing meeting rooms and the reception area, places where you know you’ll see results. With new meeting rooms inspiring employees and encouraging them to work harder, and a new, improved reception area that will impress clients – it’s easy to see the thought process. That said, research shows a well stocked kitchen area is important for workers to recharge, eat healthily and stay well hydrated.

Improving your staff’s lunch hour with a bespoke kitchen will encourage them to stretch their legs, take a walk, refuel and engage in conversation. This is incredibly important because sitting in front of the screen all day and eating at the desk can lead to bad eyesight, posture and communication skills. It doesn’t matter how big or small your kitchen is, what’s important is making sure it’s well equipped and offers a place for your workers to clear their mind away from a screen for a while.

Benefits of having a modern office kitchen

Match your company design – keeping your business up-to-date and modern can be taxing but with simple alterations such as same coloured appliances or wall paint (to your logo) can improve your overall appearance. Clear design and colour coordination can make your company dramatic and memorable to new visitors and to potential employees. Simple, well-thought-out adjustments to your office could really turn you into the place everyone wants to work for and with. Showing you care through distinct design shows you pay attention to detail and this will help you go far.

Helps staff to save money – providing a well-equipped kitchen will encourage workers to stop buying meal deals and incorporate their weekly shop into their packed lunches. Offering an on site alternative can therefore help to improve employees financial management; this makes the benefits twofold — not only will their stress levels diminish but they will be saving money on a weekly basis too.

Comfortable place away from the desk – workers will use a comfortable, well-fitted out kitchen because they will want to take advantage of the company’s facilities. Having a clean kitchen will motivate employees to become planners, with a little night before preparation. Once these steps are put into motion, it will become second nature to heat their soup or toast their bread and turn to healthier alternatives – rather than fast food that’s down the road. This will, of course, make for a happier and healthier workforce.

Bespoke kitchen tables and chairs – improving the company’s look with an eclectic range of comfortable, bespoke furniture is not only a great way to look modern but a nice way to treat your workers. Providing luxury chairs and tables will make employees feel valued and more inclined to dine together at lunchtime. You never know – some workers may even spend this time brainstorming and discussing projects.

Accessible facilities for staff – you don’t have to go all out but providing toasters, microwaves and smart taps that provide cold, boiling and sparkling water could allow for an efficient lunch hour and keep the traffic steady.

office kitchens
For inspiration and professional advice on your office kitchen, get in touch with ARC Business Interiors, we have a wealth of experience and a long history of happy clients – which is why we come so highly recommended. Contact us today by calling our expert team on 0800 6122 107 or filling in our handy contact form and let’s work together to create the optimal working environment for your company.

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