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6 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Office Privacy Pods

office privacy pods
Privacy pods are revolutionising modern offices as we know it, providing workers with a stress-free environment away from their desks and the busy life of an open plan office. Privacy pods are great for a number of reasons, which we will unfold in this article, but it’s safe to say that they aid productivity and offer workers a chance to knuckle down – a place where any task can confidently be brought to completion.

1) Average office worker works 40 hours a week

An office worker will spend a quarter of their life in the office and during this time, a worker will generally be surrounded by others. Whether they’re sat side by side with other colleagues or catching up in meetings. This may sound pleasant and sociable but medical professionals suggest that we humans require some alone-time in order to stay focused and free from stress. This is why more offices are investing in privacy pods; with the option to remove oneself from a lively space, workers feel more at ease knowing the flexibility is there should they decide to use a pod for a couple of hours to meet important deadlines.

2) Great solution for open plan offices

Open plan offices look great – there’s no doubt about that – but the issue is there’s no privacy, which can be a fundamental issue for productivity and overall performance. The lack of physical walls or barriers in an office can make a higher percentage of employees experience feelings of anxiety. For some, being visible from every angle can cause frustration and a lack of confidence too.

That said, open plan offices do have their merits which is why there’s the perfect solution that pairs well with this layout, and that’s office pods. This addition to the office can promote good health and well-being. For this reason, many companies are beginning to utilise new forms of physical barriers to tackle the problems caused by the busy, open plan office layout.

3) Employees can go work in privacy, without distractions

Studies show that once an employee has been distracted in the office, it can take up to 25 minutes for them to regain their focus and get back on track with work. As you can imagine, it’s important to reduce this time or eliminate it altogether and with designated private areas, you can offer employees a space where they can concentrate.

4) Variety of privacy pod sizes

There’s not always enough room in the office for everyone to use the privacy pods all at once but thanks to the variety of pod sizes more people will be encourage to move discussion to a group pod, and thus, reduce the noise levels within the main office.

With personal sitting pods, standing pods and executive group pods available, both individual and collaborative work can be done in these, and so, there will be fewer interruptions and more productivity.

Privacy is incredibly important – should an employee need to speak about health, holidays or some other private matter – there must be an element of confidentiality. Having the ability to go somewhere quiet instills confidence in your workers and helps everyone to feel comfortable and able to speak about any problems they are facing.

5) Pods can be created to match your interior style

Whatever your interior style, pods can be tailored to ensure they’re suitable to your surroundings. Pods can be all shapes and sizes, they can look modern and bright or professional and sophisticated.

6) Great for low-budget projects

Pods have been developed with usability in mind, it’s all well and good looking nice but there needs to be flexibility and an advantage to them because otherwise, wouldn’t we just turn to building walls?

It’s much cheaper to supply privacy pods than it is to call the builders and construct new walls. Privacy pods are flexible, cheaper and can be pushed around the office to ensure you find the best location for them.

Privacy pods are versatile in their size and portability, they can dampen sound around, they are affordable and an attractive solution to any office.

office privacy pods
For an inspirational interior designed around you, turn to Arc Business Interiors. We have been providing customers across Leicester, Nottingham, Derby, London, Birmingham and Manchester for years with comprehensive services – which is why we have a long history of happy customers and come so well recommended. For more information and inspiration about our office privacy pods and other services, contact our friendly team by filling in our contact form today and let’s see how we can help you.

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