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Office Design Trends for the Industrial & Warehouse Sector

Like all workplaces, the industrial and warehouse sector should look to the future. No longer is the office a place to work the standard 9 – 5 and leave at the end of the day. Now, employees expect a certain level of flexibility, comfort and atmosphere conducive to great productivity and mood. 

In this article, we’ll take you through a few of the emerging office design trends for the warehouse and industrial sector so you can keep your spaces up to date. 

Four Warehouse & Industrial Office Trends 


  • Acoustics: Warehouses are noisy – it just goes with the territory. And with many studies showing that louder workplaces lead to higher levels of stress and lower levels of productivity, it’s important to make efforts to reduce noise in office areas. This is all down to great acoustic design, and may involve incorporating more soft furnishings, installing soundproofing panels or ceiling baffles or erecting partitions – which also helps with the next tip. 
  • Zoning Up: Emphasis on creating different zones for different purposes has been a popular office design trend lately. Especially with the recent pandemic, establishing specific zones for hot-desking, socialising, online conference calls, meetings, private calls, and many other purposes, is likely to become an even more visible part of workplace design in the interests of social distancing, reducing noise levels and just pure convenience. Making sure you have dedicated spaces for socialising also goes a long way towards boosting employee mood and morale. 
  • Own Your Industrial Look: Chances are, if your office is located in an industrial or warehouse setting, it will have a certain ‘industrial’ look about it. While you may dislike this, in fact, the industrial aesthetic is growing in popularity thanks to its modern, urban and trendy appearance. So, if your office naturally already has these assets, it might be time to start making the most of them by highlighting these features, rather than trying to hide them away. Whether it’s exposed brickwork or industrial-style ceilings, you can start being proud of your unique industrial style and make it the star of the show.  
  • Cost-Effective Workplaces: Naturally, you’ll want to be able to make any changes or redesigns at an affordable price – but also, make sure the office is cost effective going forward. This will be a case-by-case basis, and that’s why it’s important to get an expert on board who can make sure your office is smartly designed, delivered on time and adheres to your budget. 


Looking to the future 

It’s clear that office design will really be the success or downfall of future workspaces. With flexible working becoming the norm, and with increasing focus on employee well-being, productivity and comfort, modern workplaces will need to catch up if they want to please current employees and attract new ones in the future. The industrial sector may also have to balance hybrid working between office spaces and on the warehouse floor, and so special attention must be paid to ensure a smooth, seamless transition between the two areas. 

Looking to redesign your industrial office? Here at Arc Business Interiors, we freshen up workplaces across the UK to create offices that are made for the people who use them. Our services include full design, fit out and refurbishment and client satisfaction is always our number one priority. Get in touch today to discuss your ideas.

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