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Which type of flooring is best for a busy office?

You wouldn’t repaint your home, replace old furnishings and fully redecorate without taking your floor into consideration – so why is your office any different? Although the flooring may seem like just another expense, your flooring ties your whole new look together. This month Arc Business Interiors are here to explain the different types of flooring, their pros and cons and the type that would best suit you – so you can benefit from both style and functionality.

Office flooring options include:

Carpet tiles
office flooring carpet tiles
Come in a variety of colours and sizes, so your carpet can reflect your interior design with ease. Carpet tile flooring is extremely durable in high traffic reception areas and common areas, and they help to absorb noise – which means discussions won’t disrupt others in the office. That said, carpet tiles are not well suited to stock rooms where the flooring is likely to be scratched and put under pressure by heavy boxes. If an individual square is damaged, it will need to be taken out and replaced. Another benefit is that carpet tiled flooring is quick to install, so if you can’t afford extended downtime, this type will be sure to deliver.

Ceramic/porcelain tiles
office flooring ceramic tiles

Regardless of whether you choose ceramic or porcelain floor tiles, you can guarantee a clean and modern finish. These tiles come in a range of natural colours and textures and are ideal in areas where there’s lots of footfall. This type of flooring is ideal for kitchen areas, places where there’s likely to food or liquid spilt on the floor because it’s waterproof and can be easily wiped clean – to keep your office looking as good as new.

office flooring
Wooden floorings can add a welcoming warmth to the office and, like ceramic tiling, this floor can be easily maintained with a simple wipe clean. Hardwood flooring looks extremely elegant but is best placed in areas where foot traffic is low such as meeting rooms and somewhere free from moisture, stains and weighty items.

office flooring carpet
Carpets are perfect for offices that struggle to keep the in heat, they can be thick, thin and any colour you can think of and they’re certainly a great way to keep the heat in. That said, they can be expensive and hard to keep clean, which can be a struggle in a busy office. If you’re looking to fit a carpet, avoid kitchen and bathroom areas to keep your office hygienic and prevent foreseen stains.

Vinyl tiles
office flooring vinyl tiles
Vinyl tiles come in an extensive range of patterns and can mimic the look of natural stone, hardwood and ceramic tiling with the added benefit of being incredibly durable in high-traffic areas. Vinyl tiles can be more than you budgeted for but you can be sure to get your money back through their long-lasting lifespan. Do bear in mind that this surface can be slippy, so be sure to have it treated to prevent slips, trips or falls.

For inspiration or advice on your interior, call Arc Business Interiors today on 0800 6122 107. Our talented and experienced team are more than happy to help any customer with any query. We operate throughout Leicester, Nottingham, Derby, London, Manchester, Birmingham and the surrounding areas.

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