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How to use your office space efficiently

There’s no need to invest in a space that’s massive when you use your office space efficiently. With the use of careful office planning and bespoke furniture, you can have yourself a sophisticated and inspiring office layout. Take it from the experts and follow our tips on how to use your office space to its utmost potential.

1) Decide on an office refurbishment to increase office space

office refurbishments
Although an office refurbishment sounds expensive, it need not be – what’s more expensive is moving out of your offices because you haven’t utilised the space you do have properly.

So think again.

Desk clusters or standing desks are an ideal way to save space and without the need for a chair behind every desk, you’re saving money and, not to mention, improving the health of your staff. Studies show that spending long hours seated links to health issues such as obesity and bad posture, so it makes sense to combat these risks. That said, you could have half standing and half sitting desks, so your workers can alternate from day to day with a hot-desking rota system.

2) Invest in bespoke office desks and save space

office desks
If you’re on a budget, consider bespoke office tables that extend, so they can be altered and turned into a meeting/brainstorm area. Or have them designed to work around any quirks of your building – this will be a perfect way to save space.

Change the layout of your office: make horizontal rows of office desks, this will enable you to fit more staff in a way that still offers them enough space to remain comfortable (whilst still making room for expansion).

3) Colours, patterns and graphics will make an office look bigger

offcie refurbishments using colours and pattens to make the office bigger
Regardless of whether you’re a creative company or not, utilise your brand’s colours to brighten up the office and make the space look bigger. Print out patterns or graphics, frame them and hang around the office. This will not only liven up the office with a splash of colour and fun but will also look smart to anyone who walks through the office.

4) Choose bespoke storage units to save space

office furniture storage
Bespoke storage is your company’s friend, it’s a great way to keep things organised and to maintain a clean and clear office. Use an interior design company to your advantage and use their expertise in bespoke solutions – this helps you meet space constraints whilst benefiting from a tailored finish that suits your budget, style and tastes, too. By opting for bespoke storage units, you can select unique and complementary finishes to make your office feel cohesive throughout. For a smart office, integrate your storage into narrow corridors and alcoves – it’ll look elegant.

For professional advice and a first-rate service, turn to Arc Business Interiors today. We have great experience within the sector of office design and we understand the importance of meticulous planning and efficient, professionals workmanship. For more information about our office furniture, contact our friendly team on 0800 6122 107 or via our handy contact form today and let’s revitalise your workspace.

For more information, Call us on 0800 6122 107


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