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Why does your business need social spaces?

breakout areas
Having social spaces within the office may not be high on your list of priorities but we’re here to explain the benefits of encouraging social interaction, frequent communication and little relaxation. Studies have shown how social spaces can positively impact employees and companies’ general output, so you just might want to read on, to make your business even more successful.

Advanced technology taking over linear jobs

Since technology has taken over, many linear jobs have been automated with self-serving tills, railway station ticket machines and factory robots replacing 90% of human workers. Thing is, machines end up being much cheaper labour wise because they needn’t be paid monthly, will not have sick days or holiday and can take on heavy repetitive labour.

Pressure on creative sectors to be innovative

Due to these advancements in technology, much more value is placed on jobs that robots can’t compete with, which tend to be those from creative sectors. Industries such as graphic design, fashion, creative writing, creative tech and animation – just to name a few, require intense creativity and innovation. These sectors give companies a competitive edge and thus, enable them to make a generous turnover, with the right team of workers.

How to encourage creativity

To maximise your employees efforts and to keep their creative juices flowing, it’s important to provide a breakout space, these are essential for quality brainstorming and collaboration.

The benefits of breakout spaces:

Employees can relax on their break – creativity won’t stem from overthinking because as we all know, nothing is more frustrating than hitting a brick wall. So to tackle this feeling, it’s good to get away from the desk for a period of time, somewhere quiet and away from the hustle and bustle of the office. This encourages the mind to relax, enabling us to go back to the project feeling revived, refreshed and ready to achieve.

Creating social places helps to improve people social life – the best ideas come from impromptu conversations and meetings which is likely to happen when employees are feeling happy and social. Employees that eat at their desks and avoid socialising altogether are more likely to be less productive, have dirty desks, bring odours into the working area and cause distraction.

Team building – having a nice area in the office that’s inviting to all office workers will encourage social interaction, providing the opportunity for employees to get to know each other which will later lead to stronger relationships and better team building.

Breaks down barriers – breakout spaces literally break down barriers. A shared space in the office will bring together different departments and varying levels of hierarchy, humanising workers and bettering relationships between the workforce. This non-hierarchical feel will create a comfortable and relaxing environment, keeping hostile or awkward conversations at bay.

breakout areas
To understand how a social space or breakout area could benefit you, speak to the professionals at ARC Business Interiors today. Our experienced team are more than happy to advise and design an outstanding interior space that’s tailored to your tastes, style and budget. We operate throughout Leicester, Nottingham, Derby, Birmingham, Manchester and London.

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