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Office Design: Tips for growing companies

office design growing company
If your company is looking to expand, there are a few things that you need to consider when it comes to changing the office’s design and layout. To ensure you achieve an agile working environment that offers maximum productivity, fluidity and space to expand for new staff, you must think about how best to manipulate the space around you (without hindering the space per employee). When changing your office design, for something better and more modern, you will want to think about: comfort, breakout areas and ways to ensure it’s always clutter-free. For top tips, help and advice, read on to find out more.

Create an agile working environment

Give your workers flexibility – they will appreciate these spaces and allow them to work in a way that best supports their requirements. Not only will this improve employee satisfaction but output too. By supporting and trusting your staff to be able to manage themselves, they will feel happier and more inclined to work harder because they will see that they are valued within the company.

Correct lighting

Having the right lighting in the workplace will better moods and your staff’s wellbeing, so it’s in your interest to ensure adequate lighting. It’s vital for those who are consistently using computers, as poor lighting can cause tiredness, lack of productivity and eye strain. If you’d like to have flexibility when it comes to your lighting options, get a suspended ceiling installed, this will enable you to alter and adapt your lighting solutions more easily.

Having a nice, light atmosphere will also open up dark spaces in the room and make the space look even bigger – which is inviting to both staff and clients.

Eliminate clutter

It’s vital to firmly abided to health and safety in the workplace in order to prevent accidents and injuries. So eliminating clutter is a must, keep cables compacted, get rid of old computers, phones, chairs and fix any breakages (including: torn carpets, uneven flooring, broken taps and toilets). Having a well-maintained workplace will encourage staff to respect the things around them and will also reflect well on your company when there’s visitors.

Space per employee

Ensure there’s enough space between each worker, having enough personal space is a must and be sure to consider workflow and where people are seated – to ensure you make the most of the space you have. Open floor plans are ideal for work transparency and help teams to work together, so consider a seating plan and who needs to sit next to who.

Future proof your space by keeping an area free where a potential, new team could sit. This will help you to minimise disruption when the time comes to employ new people.

ARC Business Interiors design around you, so for a flawlessly functional and stylish office, contact the professionals who have a wealth of experience and a long history of happy customers. Get the best from your workspace today – we operate throughout Leicester, Nottingham, Derby, Birmingham, Manchester, London and the rest of the UK.

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