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Top 5 warning signs that your office needs a refurbishment

office refurbishment
Employees spend around 8 hours most days in the office and it’s not surprising that the environment becomes uninspiring overtime, especially if they’re surrounded by obvious wear and tear. For many employees, it’s likely that they’ve been inside the same four walls for years, and so, to keep them feeling motivated and valued within the company it’s important to maintain an inspiring and functional workspace. Small signs of wear and tear can become increasingly noticeable and will only worsen overtime. Multiple studies also show that leaving a refurbishment year on year is damaging to a businesses’ ethos and can significantly affect retention of staff and profit margins over time. Read on to find out if any of these vital signs sound familiar to you.

If offices become overcrowded, there will likely be an increase in noise, meetings and general activity – all of which cause distractions and have a big impact on performance. If you notice a lull in office enthusiasm and general output, it’s time you invested in a complete office refurbishment.

Refurbishment doesn’t mean a lick of paint and a few new office chairs but an entire restructure. A change in seating, kitchen areas, reception areas, boardroom design and even your exterior (because it’s important to impress visitors, they are likely to judge you on what they see and remember your branding).

You may also want to bring about positive change including:

Standing desks

Privacy pods

Office partitioning

Optimise the space you do have; this will improve the workflow of your office and transform any lackluster atmosphere.

Outdated interior

If your boring and outdated decor is turning off prospective clients, imagine what it’s like being an employee in the office everyday!

A dull office will not translate your forward-thinking or creativity well and, unfortunately, will have a knock-on effect – making current customers question the way you operate, too. After all, the office is where it all happens; where planning and action takes place and where projects are brought to completion. So isn’t it important create an up-to-date, inspiring environment to encourage high-quality work and confidence in your company’s name?

Staff mentality is dwindling

You’ve heard your employees moaning about the state of the office, they’re unhappy with the workplace and the amenities are either old or broken – it’s time to take action. Broken toilets, zip taps, drawers, desks, computers – whatever it is – can become exhausting when it takes double the time it should to do what’s required. If your budget doesn’t stretch far at least make sure that everything is functional in the office.

Send around an anonymous online survey to receive regular feedback about things that could be improved in the office, this will create a happier working environment. Your workers will feel that they are being listened to and valued.

Health and safety issues

If you notice any of the following in the office, you need to immediately take action:

– Trailing cables and cords

– Stacked boxes over 18 inches high

– Faulty heaters, chairs, desks

– Appliances that haven’t been approved for commercial use

– Trip hazards

– Blocked fire escape

– Overloaded electrical outlets

– Keyboards without wrist rests

– Chairs that aren’t ergonomic

– Open, unlocked filing cabinets

– Worn, torn carpets

– Uneven surfaces

General wear and tear is bound to happen but it’s important to keep on top of health and safety in and around the office to prevent accidents, injuries and potential fires.


If you’re looking to rebrand your company, you’ll certainly want to invest in a refurbishment to breathe new life into your whole new look. When rebranding it’s important that your new logo, colours and design is reflected throughout your offices to show clear continuity.

Arc Business Interiors are specialists in design and creation of innovative office spaces for business and commercial environments. We have a great wealth of experience within the industry and a team of dedicated experts ready to tackle any complex project. For more information about our services or to schedule in your office refurbishment, call today.

For more information, Call us on 0800 6122 107


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