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Will an Office-Fit Out Give Me a ROI?

As a business owner, you may be wondering is an office redesign worth the investment? Well, that all depends on the approach you take. Done wisely, an office fit-out will bring you a notable ROI (return on investment) by boosting staff retention, lowering operational costs and by breathing new life, energy and modernity into the space. 

So, if you’re wondering whether to take this next step, let’s take a look at how to maximise your ROI through an office redesign and fit-out.  

How does an office fit-out add value? 

Transforming your office space is an exciting decision that can add value to your business if done correctly and with the help of a professional company. Let’s explore the key reasons why an office redesign is a great opportunity to reduce costs, maximise efficiency and bring you a return on investment. 

  • Maximise space and operational efficiency 

An office redesign is a chance to create a layout and set-up that maximises space and boosts operational efficiency. Post-pandemic, coupled with the modern trend in flexible working, we may also see a rise in employees working from home for greater portions of the week. 

This all could mean that your office will become under-used or simply not run at its maximum efficiency anymore. A redesign is a chance to take a look at your spaces critically to decide on their purpose, usage and to make arrangements that support maximum space efficiency and utilisation in the future. Approaching it like this could reveal that you now have lots of extra space to turn into meeting rooms, breakout spaces, or another facility for your staff. This adds value to the office space by offering a variety of spaces to its users, and can also save costs incurred by unused work stations. 

Modern office interior

  • Staff well-being & productivity 

The quality of an office environment has a greater impact on employee well-being than you might think. A survey by K2 revealed that one in five workers stated that if their office had a better design, they feel they would be more productive. 

Light, heating, layout, decoration and overall office culture have a big impact on the mood of your staff members. An office fit-out gives you a fresh start to create a space conducive to staff comfort, well-being and productivity. This could include offering greater flexibility in working hours and locations, comfortable levels of noise, lighting and temperature, and also dedicated spaces for relaxing, socialising and brainstorming. 

This all marries together to create a distinctive office culture of your design, which in turn can boost mood, motivation and productivity levels. Ultimately, this can reduce staff sickness and nurture an atmosphere for happier, healthier employees to thrive and grow. 

  • Sustainability 

Boosting the green credentials of your business is not only crucial for the health of the planet – it can also save you money further down the line. With everything from transport, fuels, supermarkets and vehicles becoming greener, offices are also heading in that direction, too. 

An office fit-out or redesign is the perfect way to futureproof your workplace and set it up for the brighter, greener future – whether that’s incorporating sustainable materials, reducing wastage, or incorporating energy-saving equipment into the office. This can all add up to save your business money on energy costs long into the future. Green credentials are also an attractive quality for many potential applicants and is something that more and more people will value in the coming years. 

  • Employee recruitment and retention 

Did you know? Your office environment has a big impact on employee retention. A study conducted by Sapio Research revealed that around 48% of those surveyed said that office design was a key reason why they would leave or stay at a workplace. 

Recruiting for new employees can be a drain on resources, money and time, so it’s important to retain the staff you already have – if anything, to show them you care. In fact, there’s nothing stronger for a company than a positive, productive workforce who wants to be there, and who feel valued for their skills and experience. 

Therefore, creating a comfortable, modern working environment that clearly conveys the company personality and ethos can go a long way to retaining staff – and also, attracting new workers, too. If applicants can see you’ve carved out a space that is up-to-date and can meet their needs practically, socially and creatively, they are more likely to be interested in coming on board – in fact, a study revealed that around 40% of applicants consider the office design before accepting a role. 

Make your office fit-out work for you. Here at Arc Business Interiors, we conduct office redesigns and transformations from concept to completion. Every client is unique, and we reflect the personality and goals of our customers in every single project. Want to find out more? Simply get in touch today – we serve customers throughout the UK. 

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COVID-19 update

The health and safety of our staff, contractors and clients is at the forefront of our business and something we take very seriously.

In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, we are taking every precaution to ensure the safety of our staff, contractors and clients.

We are still busy designing offices that will make getting back to work that bit more exciting. We have also introduced a new service for office redesigning in light of required social distancing measures in office spaces to help ensure you, your staff and customers are safe.